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At Rehoboth, we ensure that the proposed automation strategy aligns perfectly with your business objectives and adds tangible value to your operations.
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Our journey started a decade ago, since then Rehoboth Solutions Limited has been supporting its clients for the implementation of solutions with Knowledge & Information Management technologies. Our team is composed of developers and information professionals.

Track Record

Rehoboth Solutions Limited has a demonstrated history of successfully implementing business automation solutions for various clients across different industries.


The team at Rehoboth Solutions Limited comprises skilled professionals with specialized knowledge and experience in business automation technologies.

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& Maintenance

Rehoboth Solutions Limited prioritizes understanding your unique business requirements, goals, and challenges before proposing any automation solution. .


Rehoboth Solutions Limited prioritizes understanding your unique business requirements, goals, and challenges before proposing any automation solution.

Our Services

Library Management System

Leverage our experience and knowledge to guide you through the migration to your new library automation system. We take the time to understand your library policies, procedures, and workflows in order to configure your new ILS to meet your needs and prevent problems before they happen. Understand your options with our guidance, backed by industry-leading, real-world experience.

Academic Integrity Solutions

Students, researchers, journalists, and bloggers can ensure their work is completely plagiarism-free. Each day the world’s largest businesses and educational institutes—along with millions of students—trust our exclusive AI-powered text analysis to identify potential plagiarism and paraphrasing across nearly every language, verify authenticity and ownership, and empower error-free writing.

Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is the best online management platform used for teaching and learning. We deliver solutions for large-scale education or training content for schools and businesses.


A dedicated trainer will work with you to prepare library staff to use your new open source system. By combining presentations, discussions, and hands-on exercises, we give your staff the confidence and knowledge they need to run your library smoothly. We tailor each training program based on your local configuration, policies, workflow, and resources. Training can be conducted onsite at your library or remotely by live webinar.

Technical Support

We provide everything you need to run open source software in your institution: installation, hosting, technical support, development, and advice. We can do so much more. Want to make your library awesome? You’ve come to the right place.

Digitization Services

Migrate your data from legacy to open standards and solutions with our outstanding conversion services. Data conversion from your repository conforming to best practices & standards.

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